Dr. Argie Allen Wilson

Keynote & Motivational Speaker


Our vision is to speak love, light & life into diverse global communities, empowering all people to live life to their fullest potential by helping them develop the “how to” skills, tools and coping strategies necessary to have and maintain healthy relationships in every area of their lives.


Our mission is to make a difference globally by creating a generational movement that will radically shift our relationship culture, impacting the masses both personally and professionally.


Connections Matter LLC & FAITH Inc. under the leadership of Dr. Argie Allen Wilson, (Global Relationship Transformationalist) and her husband Morgan E. Wilson Jr. are committed to educating our communities therapeutically, spiritually, artistically & creatively through motivation, inspiration, education & transformation.
We believe that truth, transparency & trust lead to transformational BREAKTHROUGHS. Our ultimate goal is to develop communities globally by empowering people to embrace healthy communication in order to heal families & corporations one relationship at a time and transform relationships one courageous conversation at a time.

Just Call Me Dr. Argie

“I became  therapist to help people.  My typical day can start off with talking about relationships or the latest Hot Topics on national TV or radio show.”

Dr. Argie Shares on Philly Speaks

Dr. Argie Shares on Philly Speaks

Dr. Argie Allen-Wilson joins Senator Vincent Hughes on Philly Speaks to discuss how to get our mind, body, and  spirits ready to for 2018.  In this in depth conversation, Dr. Argie Allen-Wilson gives valuable points of power that enhances the quality of...

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Food For Thought- How to Live In the Peace of Your Day

Food For Thought- How to Live In the Peace of Your Day

How To Live In The Peace Of  Your Day Know that, life is a series of events.  Each event is a critical pathway to how each of us interact with our lives.   Having an understanding of these pathways can determine our life direction. In other words, knowing that life is...

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