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What’s Next in the Era of Me Too and Time’s Up? #Time2Thrive

It you are a survivor like myself, we must be patient, kind, empathic and gracious with ourselves. We should all remember that it takes courage to speak up, but it also takes courage not to speak up because sometime our very lives could be as stake for speaking up. Sometimes this kind of assault to the very depth of our dignity and humanity disrupts our mind, body & spirit so much that we go into protective mode to take care of the very being within ourselves that has been injured. We often feel that the only way to protect...

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Dr. Argie Shares on Philly Speaks

Dr. Argie Allen-Wilson joins Senator Vincent Hughes on Philly Speaks to discuss how to get our mind, body, and  spirits ready to for 2018.  In this in depth conversation, Dr. Argie Allen-Wilson gives valuable points of power that enhances the quality of our lives. Dr. Argie shares information not only to have a new year, but a new life.  “It is more than having just a New Year resolution, but we must have a life transformation.”  she explains. ” Too often we are looking for external gratification.  Rather than looking for all the things on the out side to...

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Harnessing Healthy Relationships” with Dr. Argie Allen Wilson

To fully love the way you live you must be mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. Charlie has a candid conversation with therapist and counselor Dr. Argie Allen Wilson who sets the foundation for self-reflection so you’re prepared to intentionally invite positive relationships into your life… especially during the holidays. #LTWYL To hear more episodes visit:

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Holiday Relationship Rescue

Holiday Relationship Rescue How to get through the season of comfort and joy without fighting By Joy Manning Avoid Relationship Conflicts During the Hectic Holidays If this is supposed to be “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” then why can’t you get through a single mall trip or holiday party without wanting to smack your spouse? The couples and families you see in movies may be caroling with the neighbors, smooching under mistletoe, and wrapping gifts in a state of yuletide bliss, but that’s not real life. For most people, schedules only get tighter and wallets just seem...

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