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Harnessing Healthy Relationships” with Dr. Argie Allen Wilson

To fully love the way you live you must be mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. Charlie has a candid conversation with therapist and counselor Dr. Argie Allen Wilson who sets the foundation for self-reflection so you’re prepared to intentionally invite positive relationships into your life… especially during the holidays. #LTWYL To hear more episodes visit:

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Holiday Relationship Rescue

Holiday Relationship Rescue How to get through the season of comfort and joy without fighting By Joy Manning Avoid Relationship Conflicts During the Hectic Holidays If this is supposed to be “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” then why can’t you get through a single mall trip or holiday party without wanting to smack your spouse? The couples and families you see in movies may be caroling with the neighbors, smooching under mistletoe, and wrapping gifts in a state of yuletide bliss, but that’s not real life. For most people, schedules only get tighter and wallets just seem...

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Love The Way You Live Podcast

Can't wait 4 u 2 meet .@DrArgie 2 kick off #LoveTheWayYouLive #Podcast debuting Mon Nov 20. We discuss "Harnessing Healthy Relationships." You can't #LTWYL unless your emotional & spiritual houses are in order! As she says, "Not everyone deserves a front row seat in your life." — LoveTheWayYouLive (@clewisjr) November 14,...

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Food For Thought- How to Live In the Peace of Your Day

How To Live In The Peace Of  Your Day Know that, life is a series of events.  Each event is a critical pathway to how each of us interact with our lives.   Having an understanding of these pathways can determine our life direction. In other words, knowing that life is full with obstacles both good and bad- can provide a center of power to how we live. There are many of us who embrace life as spectators unwilling to accept life is a constant movement full with action, and therefore, we become unbalanced when life actionable events obstruct our...

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Food For Thought-Live In The Power Of You

No other person can control your life’s journey. Each day you are responsible for the life you live. You control all of your emotions. Even when it appears as if the roller coaster of life is moving at a pace that is overwhelming, know that you have the power to decide  the speed that your life operates. Trust in your ability to make sound decisions, and understand that you can deliver the best choices for your life. Never be afraid examine where you are and how you are affecting the possibility of your life. Live your moment! Learn to ...

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